Hospital Healings and the Role of Faith

After being miraculously healed from endometrial cancer 32 years ago, Abby Abildness, author of the new book Healing Prayer and Medical Care: God’s Healthcare Plan, has been spreading a message of healing and fusing God’s healing power with patients and healthcare workers in hospital settings. Abildness, who is the Founder of Healing Tree International and […]

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2011 Summer Reading List

A bad book is a time thief, and with four kids to chase (a form of exercise, I assure you) choosing material wisely is a must. Sifting through book reviews and excerpts allows me to locate my preferred writing style – one I know will hold my attention until the last page. A good find […]

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My response is my responsibility

My response is my responsibility Last month my wife and I finished “Love and Respect,” a married couples study, for the second time. Not that we didn’t get it the first time but it was so good that we wanted a refresher course. I think everyone has a need for refresher courses. Our daily routine […]

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