Ways To Teach Children About Money

Parents are the best example our children will have of how to make money, manage it wisely and use it to fulfill God’s purposes. They watch us very closely and more often will “do as we do” rather than “do as we say.” We should openly discuss the family finances in their presence. We must […]

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Three Ts that invaded the family

There was a time when a father could build a moat around his family to protect them. If he had the resources, Dad could build a trench around his castle and keep invaders out. However, in the past 50 years, that moat has been breached. The problem is, as dads, we don’t realize the magnitude […]

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How do I prepare my children for the financial responsibilities of COLLEGE?

It’s a time-honored tradition that is a dream come true – and a potential nightmare. How do parents enthusiastically prepare their children for college and their first taste of independence, while also warning them about the pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster? Students who get an early handle on their income and spending can […]

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