The Messy Side of Christmas

Over the objections of my fellow workers, I start playing Christmas music in the office in October. Some Christmas music immediately brings me back to special moments as a boy in wintery Michigan. Christmas is a very special season to me. I know that Christmas has been hijacked by mass marketing,... -Read More

Shouldn’t Nonprofits be Profitable?

I have always found the term “nonprofit” to be potentially misleading. This term seems to say that organizations that help others shouldn’t really have much if anything beyond their needs. “Nonprofit” seems to say, be careful, you are only supposed to get by and always be in need. Jesus didn’t operate... -Read More

5 Things Parents & Pastors Need to Agree Upon

Do you want your son or daughter thriving in a church family when they are in their late 20’s or would you rather spend hours in prayer that they would return to the church? Do you want your grandchildren raised in the church or do you want them asking their parents... -Read More

Did Forrest Gump Get It Right?

“I am not a smart man Jenny, but I know what love is,” said the fairly, simple-minded Forrest Gump. Who would disagree that living our lives in love is the most important calling upon each of us? Maybe Forrest Gump did have it figured out, but I am not sure I... -Read More

What Should We Expect of Our Preachers?

Show me a nation with weak preaching and I will show you a nation in trouble. Wherever the church is weak around the globe, the darkness appears strong. This is true because “righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14:34). Identify a country with a weak church and you will likely find several... -Read More