What Stands in the Way Becomes the Way

Lisa May Executive Director, Live the Life South Florida

I like you, open my email daily and find worthy writers’ devotionals and musings. I often click “delete” for lack of time. I remind myself that I should read my Bible first, then if I have time, read the ponderings of others. This week I came across famous quotes and stumbled upon a quote by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” I read it a few times, and the COVID virus came to mind. My mind rambled on like one kicking a stone along a worn path, and I began to think about how COVID-19 might be the impediment that becomes the way.

Although social distancing and isolation are the mandates to protect lives, it is the antithesis of connectedness. As our in-person classes are being canceled or postponed, we had to find a different path as well as address the inevitable relational challenges. The impediment of COVID-19 became what advanced our action to use an online platform, which allowed us to expand our tent and enlarge our territory. We’ve reached hundreds of couples from 6 countries and 18 states; couples we would never have had access to.

As I continue to kick the stone down the path mentally, I am reminded of the many stories in the Bible where the impediment was what God used to advance the action. The disagreement between Barnabas and Paul led to an enlarged territory for the spread of the gospel. Christ’s death on the cross was the path to His resurrection and our sins being forgiven.

COVID-19 is unprecedented and may be the only time in modern history where we are mandated to cloister together for an extended period of time. This may be the impediment that becomes the way to our marriages and families rediscovering one another. I encourage you to take the time to reconnect and know one another more deeply; focused, eye to eye conversations. Ask questions about one another’s wishes, hopes and dreams. Take time to listen. When we are listened to, it makes us unfold and expand. David Augsburger says “being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.” Now is the time to love your family well.

Way Forward

wayAs C.S. Lewis foretold in the Screwtape Letters in 1942

Satan: “I will cause anxiety, fear and panic. I will shutdown business, schools, places of worship and sports events. I will cause economic turmoil.”

Jesus: “I will bring together neighbors, restore the family unit. I will bring dinner back to the kitchen table. I will help people slow down their lives and appreciate what really matters. I will teach my children to rely on me and not the world. I will teach my children to trust me and not their money and material resources.”


Don’t waste this time.


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