The “Black Panther” Quote No One Is Talking About

The blockbuster Marvel superhero movie “Black Panther” is breaking all kinds of records. Rife with deeply thoughtful writing and powerfully inspiring quotes, my favorite record-breaker is that “Black Panther” is now the most Tweeted about movie of all-time[1]. There are many popular quotes covering a range of topics:   Unity “In... -Read More

How Screens Are Killing Teens

Not only am I fascinated by trends, I believe they hold predictive indicators. When studied, these trends allow us foresight into coming areas of need and potential for ministry opportunities. I recently read a report with compelling evidence showing a strong correlation between increased amounts of screen time among teens and... -Read More

Billy Graham’s Incredible Legacy

God draws the most beautiful circles. [On February 20th] we had the honor of publicly dedicating Billy Graham’s great great grandson to the Lord. This baby’s mother prayed, “Lord, You give me a son, and I’ll give him back to You.”   “O love that will not let me go, I... -Read More

Leading Through Change

Once your organization has been “steady” or has experienced growth and momentum in any area, it’s time to mature and grow into the next iteration of becoming who God wants you to be. It’s the job of the leaders to work together to co-create the next evolution of the organization’s culture.... -Read More

5 Essentials for Marketplace Missions

There’s been a huge shift in how business and missions intertwine. No longer can missionaries simply plan to find employment in the field. In most places, they must now create an enterprise that will serve the population in order to gain access to the people they desire to reach.   Discover... -Read More

Collaboration: How to Boost Success in 2018

Collaboration isn’t a new idea. You see it everywhere: Spotify + Starbucks Apple + Hermes The Global Fund + Gap: “PRODUCT (RED)” GoPro + Red Bull: “Stratos” At OneHope, we recognize the value of collaboration. We’ve seen success in our partnership with Evangelism Explosion to produce a program that has trained... -Read More

Celebrating 30 Years of Reaching Children

If you grew up in the church like I did, you’re familiar with the lyrics of a sweet song often played during the altar call, when people were invited to come forward and indicate their decision to follow Christ … “I have decided to follow Jesus / No turning back, no... -Read More

Why The Church Can’t Be Colorblind

“Perhaps the most powerful weapon we have, in having significance in our life and an impact on the world, is the love we have for each other.”- Rob Hoskins Discussing race, cultural diversity, and equality can be a harrowing ordeal because of all the differing perspectives and opinions on these topics.... -Read More

A Biblical View of our Escalating Culture of Violence

Violence is familiar to me, having grown up in Beirut, Lebanon and spent most of my life traveling to the neediest places on earth. Many times I have experienced the scourge of deadly warfare. Yet recent shootings in Michigan, Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas and recent terror attack in my adopted country... -Read More