A positive result for a ‘problem pregnancy’

This December, little Kingston will celebrate her first Christmas. A year ago, however, Kingston’s mother Elizabeth was having a less-than-ideal holiday. She first suspected she was pregnant on New Year’s Eve, an unplanned surprise that left her in a quandary. Elizabeth wanted to carry her baby to term, but she was concerned: How would she […]

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Time for Change

What if you knew a way to limit the probability that your teenager would become pregnant? Wouldn’t you make whatever changes were necessary to help your child avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Wouldn’t almost any change be worth it? Change” is the word that took the election by storm. We have been hearing a lot about […]

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The makeover mentality

Remember that feeling you get after you’ve just had your hair done? You know the one. You waited way too long to cut your hair, and now you’ve found someone who seems to be able to bring out the best in you, all by a few snips of the scissors. You walk out of the […]

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